A small winter wedding in Ottawa Ontario. Yes, it was very cold, yes my fingers were numb, and yes before you ask, I made them do it! Actually I didn’t force them to. I just told them they wouldn’t get this opportunity again to have the sun setting in the background of a winter ceremony, and that the guests shouldn’t mind since it’s their wedding day. As usual, I was right, the guests didn’t mind and we continued to plan for the wedding outside. It was wonderful, everyone loved it, and everyone bundled up for the occasion. However, the cold weather stopped us from going out into the trees and the snow for some couple’s photos so I set up some studio lights inside the venue on a beautiful stone fireplace wall. 

       My lens choice for the entire day was my new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art on my Nikon D750 and then my Nikon 35mm f/1.8g on my Nikon Z50. I gotta tell you, I am LOVING that sigma. My lighting set up for the family portraits and couple’s portraits in front of the stone wall were two 2’x3′ softboxes, one on camera left and one on camera right with 2 flashes taking care of the shadows behind them. It was a nice little set up that turned out some rather nice photos!

      I was only there to capture about 3 hours of the wedding, a small intimate and low key wedding and I loved it. Congradutlaltios to the happy couple and their new family together. I wish them all luck and happiness together on their new adventure!

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