Hey Everyone! I am still here and I am still accepting bookings. With all that has been happening I would recommend booking into 2021 and even 2022 to avoid any rescheduling that might happen for the rest of 2020. I am still hopeful for my fall weddings, and can’t wait to get back at it!
I have been really quiet lately. I have been taking this time to relax and to slow everything down so I can come up with a plan for the future of my business. As well as watching some online training videos and courses to up my skills!

I have also been thinking up some cool ideas for some new photography projects id like to get going once this pandemic has slowed down, stay tuned for those!

Also! I started to branch out into real-estate photography. I have done a lot in the past and then took a break on that to focus on weddings. Well, since this pandemic happened, one thing didn’t slow down and that is the amount of housing still getting listed and selling. So if you need a photographer for your home, let me know!

My real-estate and home photos can be found here hidden on my website




Welcome back!

Alma and I decided to take a trip to the Caribbean but without the all-inclusive resort. I am a huge resort guy. I like to wake up, go downstairs, stuff my fat gut with all you can eat waffles and then go veg on the beach and slob it out all day. That was my idea of an ideal vacation…until now. I mentioned to her that I’d like to see the world a bit more before we have kids. You know go on an adventure, take some pictures! She mentioned to me that we still had our WestJet dollars and vouchers from all the wedding purchases we made on the credit card. After bouncing ideas back and forth about where to go, and where WestJet will allow us to go, we decided on St. Lucia. Safe, beautiful and very blue. We rented an Air BnB, and a car and drove to our hearts content…which was everywhere…very slowly. We rented a Suzuki Jimni. Google it, it was hilariously shitty, but it got us to where we were going for relatively cheap. I did some googling about the island and how big it was, how long it would take us to drive around it, etc. But what I didn’t realize is the island is just a bunch of tiny mountains. Driving around this thing was like a very slow rollercoaster. Check the video below I had to speed it up 700%.


The eats in St. Lucia were to die for. We had to travel north to Pigeon’s Pointe and visit Jambe de Bois twice so I could stuff my gut with their delicious Banana-Dulce de Leche Pie (Banana-Caramel Pie)…unreal. There are no pictures of this pie for a reason. It was gone too fast…into my gut. I am going to start really pushing for some destination weddings, cause if I went back here for a wedding, I would kill it. THEN go get some more pie.
Anyway enough of my blabbering. Enjoy the pictures!


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