A nice little getaway to the Arboretum in Ottawa to take some engagement pics with Nadia and Steve. Their wedding is this October and we’re hoping that this pandemic subsides or stays at bay, we can only hope I guess! But for now its time for a fun engagement session. I had these two crackin’ up we had a blast. Shot with a variety of lenses, Tamron 70-200, Sigma 50mm, Tamron 85mm. I love how these ones came out, the dark greens really gave that rich contrast to the photos! Check them out!

Hey Everyone! I am still here and I am still accepting bookings. With all that has been happening I would recommend booking into 2021 and even 2022 to avoid any rescheduling that might happen for the rest of 2020. I am still hopeful for my fall weddings, and can’t wait to get back at it!
I have been really quiet lately. I have been taking this time to relax and to slow everything down so I can come up with a plan for the future of my business. As well as watching some online training videos and courses to up my skills!

I have also been thinking up some cool ideas for some new photography projects id like to get going once this pandemic has slowed down, stay tuned for those!

Also! I started to branch out into real-estate photography. I have done a lot in the past and then took a break on that to focus on weddings. Well, since this pandemic happened, one thing didn’t slow down and that is the amount of housing still getting listed and selling. So if you need a photographer for your home, let me know!

My real-estate and home photos can be found here hidden on my website




When I first visited this venue to take a look around I was a bit scared about the lighting, how dark it was, and the different colored lights that were going to have to be used. I also noticed it was kind of industrial looking. There was a lot of metal, concrete, steel, and an open ceiling with industrial lighting, much like you would see in a warehouse. There was a nice bar and lounging area where people could play games and hang out. In this lounge area there were very large garage door windows which let natural light flood in, this I liked. I knew I would most likely have to focus my photos in this area of the venue and maybe use an off-camera flash to help fill shadows or pop some light where I needed it. 

As I met with the wonderful venue staff, they assured me all the walls and the office clutter would be hidden with black curtains surrounding the entirety of the venue. Again I thought to myself, “all those black curtains are going to absorb all my light and make what little light was available in the first place, harder to capture”. 

When I went home I brainstormed, the amount of light and the color of the light was going to make this challenging. I decided to approach this wedding with black and white photography approach. I shot in color but I was making sure to compose and shoot for more of a black and white vibe. When I thought black and white for this wedding, and venue, I was thinking spotlights and focus lighting where the lighting was distracting or difficult.

I remember coming into the venue on the wedding day heading up to meet Mel while she was getting ready and my ideas started flowing. It was just how I envisioned it. Her getting ready in this office like venue screamed black and white. I shot the images in color which also came out great, but I couldn’t wait to see this wedding how I saw it while I was capturing it.