Nathanael Campoli
My name is Nathanael Campoli. I grew up in the small town of Long Sault Ontario. I am a budding classical wedding photographer who loves to let loose, have fun and help capture those beautiful moments everyone wants to remember on their big day. I am very down to earth, professional and passionate about what I do. I have had many jobs and career changes but what stayed constant through all of them was my passion and love for photography. I am currently working towards my lifetime goal of making photography my career and will not stop until my goal is achieved.
I am a firm believer in friendship, honesty, compassion, and the human connection. If you were sent here by a friend, family or colleague, then I want to say thank you for listening to them and I would love and hope to hear from you.
I am currently operating in Ottawa Ontario and have traveled as far as Jamaica to shoot a wedding. I tend to stick around here locally but am up for travel if need be!
I am currently booking so contact me now!
Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon!