Elopement Wedding Package

Hey everyone!

Since the province is getting back into business slowly I would like to offer a small elopement package to the couples that are still getting married but have shortened their guest list to a very small or tight-knit group or gathering. Prices can be found in the prices page on this website

You will get the same quality images and professionalism, but the wedding must be under the province stated gathering limit as of May 21st 2020 – I expect these to go up a bit in the coming months. 

The Province of Ontario has said that we should not gather in groups of more than 5 people unless: 

  • there are more than 5 people in your family or 5 roommates that live with you  
  • the gathering is for a funeral and then up to 10 people are allowed together 
  • the gathering of 5 people or less is for a wedding
  • it is in a childcare centre for essential front-line workers 


COVID-19 Virus

COVID-19 Virus Precautions

Hello, current and (hopefully) future clients! I suppose I will address the pink elephant in the room! With the virus now in Ottawa and everyone taking precautions to help slow down the spread and infection rate, I have thought about precautions that I will be taking with my current clients and future clients. As we know weddings are a wonderful gathering of friends and family to celebrate the love between two people, it is also usually a gathering of more than 100 people. We need to be mindful so we can help stop or slow the virus. I will be teaming up with Wedding Rescue, a wedding service that helps couples in case of emergency if something happens to their vendors aka. Nathanael Campoli Photography. I want my clients to have the peace of mind that if I get sick or cannot travel, their wedding photography will be covered. If I do get sick and I cannot find you a new photographer, the experts at wedding rescue service will do that for you and be with you every step of the way. If I do get sick, I will try my best to refund you the deposit (it might take some time, but it will get back to you) since it is because I cannot make it and cannot reschedule. But if you, the client, cancels or reschedules the wedding, deposits will not be refunded. I will be including this service in all my packages for 2020, the service will also be available in 2021 but at an additional cost of around $60.00 CAD.

Another note to add, I may show up to your wedding with a protective mask, and tons of hand sanitizer. I must use these precautions so I can further protect myself and other clients and their wedding guests. I hope not to offend, but I believe this is necessary, and its always better to be safe than sorry!

Thank you everyone and I hope to see all of you soon on your scheduled wedding dates!


Ncphotography.ca SOCIALbooth and PHOTObooth Coming Soon!


What is a SOCIALbooth?

A SOCIALbooth is a photo-booth minus the prints. I have been to a lot of weddings, and I have seen a lot of photo-booths. You know what else I have seen? Paper and ink waste as guests print photos they don’t even take home. Piles and piles of prints go to the trash. I am here to offer a more affordable photo-booth option and I suppose, a more environmentally friendly option.

Ask a Question!

Introducing the SOCIALbooth. Take your photo-booth shots with all the same glamour and glitz with all sorts of props, but instead of the waste of paper and ink, just upload it to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Isn’t that where you want to put them anyway? Or upload it to your Facebook business or group page. You could even text it or email it to yourself! So many options!

SOCIALbooth are completely user independent, no need for a technician or photographer to assist. With straight forward instructions and user friendly interface, even your grandparents could use it!


Add a SOCIALbooth to your wedding packages for only $130.00/hour.

Add a PHOTObooth to your wedding package for only $175.00/hour

Nathanael is still working out the kinks, but expect this option soon!

Ask about a SOCIALbooth today!

Nathanael Campoli Photography

“Photography – Photography is the art, application, and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiation, either electronically by means of an image sensor, or chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic film.” – Wikipedia


To me, a photograph is the creation of a specific moment in time, a specific moment of our lives. At that exact second in our life’s timeline, light is taken in, the shutter is released, and you have a recorded point in history. A photograph records where we were, who we were and how we felt. A machine created just for us to travel back in time. 

Life will get busy, and sometimes it’s best to stay in the moment, right there, in time, then to worry about anything else.

Let me record that moment for you.






Client Testimonials

Lee Hutton

“Nate is amazing! Such a fun experience on our wedding day! Great captures of real moments and some fairy tale ones! We are in awe! Highly Recommended!”

Travis martin

“Nate is a beast! He has so much energy, and he needed that energy for our wedding. He was running all over the place, taking pictures from all angles – and that was hard to do since the ceremony was at the top of a small hill and all the guests were down below! Nate has great equipment, great energy, great professionalism, great ideas. The best decision we made was going with Nate as our photographer!”

Natasha Hance

“We hired Nathanael on very short notice to photograph our wedding. Nathanael was amazing to work with, he was professional, friendly, and made us feel very comfortable. His prices were great and we were very happy with how the pictures turned out. Nathanael captured all of the details of our day and we couldn’t be happier!

Eric & Kendall

“Nate was amazing to work with! He was very professional and prompt in all communications. He did a great job getting candid shots at the reception, which is one aspect of the wedding we were really hoping to catch. We are also VERY novice photo subjects and Nate made us feel comfortable posing to get the amazing shots that he did. Thank you so much!”